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Home » 5 women shaping the tech scene in Nigeria- 08/03/2022

5 women shaping the tech scene in Nigeria- 08/03/2022

Hi there,

We would definitely not end the day without celebrating the amazing women in our lives. To the women that dare, to the women that inspire, to the women that never give up, We see you, we recognize you, we celebrate you.

We are also highlighting 5 women who are shaping the Nigerian tech scene, defying odds, creating magic and being fearless in the pursuit of success.


Damilola Olokesusi
Women in tech - Damilola Olokesusi

Shuttlers is a platform that enables professionals access efficient shared-transportation in Lagos Metropolis.


Fara Ashiru Jituboh

Women in tech - Fara Ashiru Jituboh

Fara Ashiru Jituboh is the CEO of Okra, a Fintech API that empowers companies and developers to build products with seamless access to inclusive financial data and secure payments.


Jessica Anuna

Women in tech - Jessica Anuna

Jessica Anuna is the CEO of Klasha an online universal checkout that allows international retailers to accept online payments in African currencies.


Victoria Popoola

Victoria Popoola is the founder of TalentX Africa. TalentX is Africa’s first film financing marketplace that connects creatives (with authentic African content) to investors


Eunice Olopade

Eunice Olopade

Eunice Olopade is the CEO of Sidebrief, a regulatory technology startup that makes starting a new business seamless by removing lengthy paperwork, legal jargons, and hidden fees.


Sidebrief is a RegTech startup that makes business registration and compliance easy for founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners across Africa by removing lengthy paperwork, complexity, and hidden fees. We provide the tools for founders to start and scale businesses across borders from a single interface. To take advantage of exclusive discounts and pricing, simply sign up to get started. For further information, email

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