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Kenya Investment Authority

If you’re about to start a business, it’s super important to figure out which government agency has your back. Not only will this help you play by the rules, but it can also give you access to awesome resources that’ll make your entrepreneurial adventure much smoother. Here’s why finding the right agency matters:


Play by the Rules

Every industry has its own set of rules and regulations designed to protect people and businesses. By knowing these rules and the agency behind them, you’ll be able to run your business legally and avoid any penalties or risks of getting shut down.

Get Your Paperwork Sorted

Many businesses need licenses or permits to operate. Your agency will help you get these, so you’re authorized to do business in your industry.

Stay Up-to-Date

Government agencies often change or add new guidelines. By staying in touch with your agency, you’ll know about any updates that could affect how you run your business. They might even offer workshops or resources to help you stay compliant.

Find Grants and Help

Some agencies have grants, loans, or training programs just for businesses in their industry. Knowing your agency can unlock these valuable resources that could give your business a big boost. Wondering how to find the agency that’s right for you? Here’s how:

Know Your Industry

First, identify the industry your business belongs to. If you’re opening a restaurant, for example, you’re in the food service industry.

Explore Official Websites

Most government websites have a section dedicated to businesses. Here, you can find information about regulations specific to your industry and the agencies that oversee them.


KenInvest is a Kenyan government agency that promotes investment in the country. Their goal is to create a business-friendly environment that attracts both local and international investors. Here’s what they do:

Promote Investment

KenInvest shows off investment opportunities and highlights Kenya’s strengths as a place to do business, attracting new companies to the country.

Help Investors

They guide investors through the process of setting up a business in Kenya, assisting with permits, licenses, and other regulations.

Support Existing Businesses

KenInvest offers ongoing support to businesses already operating in Kenya, including connecting them with new partners, helping them access resources, and solving problems they face.

KenInvest plays a big role in growing Kenya’s economy by attracting investment and making it easier for businesses to get started in the country.

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