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Central Bank of Kenya

Before you start your business, it’s important to know which government agency regulates your industry. This helps you follow the law and access helpful resources. Here’s why finding the relevant agency matters:

Regulatory bodies in Kenya 

Stay Legal and Avoid Penalties

Each industry has rules set by a specific government agency to ensure safety, fair competition, and consumer protection. Understanding these regulations helps you operate legally and avoid fines or closure.

Obtain Licenses and Permits

Many businesses require licenses or permits to operate. The relevant agency will guide you through the application process, outlining fees and necessary paperwork. Getting proper authorization ensures you can run your business.

Keep Updated

Agencies often update or introduce new guidelines. By staying connected with your agency, you can learn about changes that might affect your business practices. They may provide workshops or resources to help you comply.

Discover Grants and Assistance

Some agencies offer grants, loans, or training programs specifically for businesses in their regulated industries. Knowing your agency can help you access valuable financial and educational resources.

How to find the relevant agency:

Research Your Industry

Identify the industry your business belongs to. For example, a restaurant would be in the food service industry.

Explore Government Websites

Most government websites have a section dedicated to business resources. Here, you’ll find information on regulations and the relevant agency for your industry.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK): The Country’s Financial Powerhouse

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) plays a significant role in stabilizing the economy and overseeing financial activities. Here’s what they do:

Monetary Policy

A group of experts at the CBK, called the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), meets regularly to make monetary policy decisions. They use various tools to achieve their goals:

Central Bank Rate (CBR)

This benchmark interest rate determines the base lending and borrowing rates for commercial banks. By adjusting the CBR, the CBK can influence borrowing costs across the economy.

Open Market Operations

The CBK buys or sells government securities to control the money supply. Purchasing securities injects money into the economy, while selling them reduces it.

Reserve Requirements

The CBK sets the minimum amount of reserves that commercial banks must hold. This also helps manage the money supply and credit availability.

Financial Stability

The CBK works to ensure that Kenya’s financial system remains stable and resilient. They achieve this through:

Regulation and Supervision

The CBK sets rules and supervises banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. This ensures they manage risks effectively and protect customers’ money.

Stress Testing

The CBK conducts stress tests on financial institutions to see how well they can withstand potential economic problems. This helps identify weaknesses and strengthen the overall financial system.

Promoting Financial Inclusion

The CBK supports initiatives that make financial services more accessible to all Kenyans. This includes encouraging the use of mobile banking and microfinance institutions.

Payment Systems

National Payments System (NPS)

The CBK oversees the development and operation of the NPS. This system ensures a safe, efficient, and reliable way to make electronic and digital payments in Kenya.


The CBK promotes the adoption of new payment technologies, such as blockchain.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Policy

The CBK creates policies to manage Kenya’s foreign exchange market. This may involve stabilizing the Kenyan shilling or attracting foreign investment.

Foreign Exchange Reserves Management

The CBK manages Kenya’s foreign exchange reserves. These reserves are used to support the exchange rate, make international transactions, and maintain financial stability.

Banker to the Government

The CBK manages the government’s accounts, helps with its financial transactions, and assists in debt issuance.

Financial Advisor

The CBK provides financial advice to the Kenyan government on various economic and financial matters.

Fiscal Agent

The CBK acts as the government’s agent for specific financial transactions, like managing government securities issuance.

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