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Know Your Regulators – NAFDAC

NAFDAC is the body established to regulate and control the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of regulated products. NAFDAC regulates generally all matters relating to food, drugs, herbal products, cosmetics, narcotics etc  in Nigeria. Companies in the food and drug business must obtain a NAFDAC registration number.

What does NAFDAC mean?

The full meaning of NAFDAC in Nigeria is National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control

What are its Regulated Products?

Regulated products refers to processed foods, beverages, and medicines for human or animal use; cosmetics, medical devices, detergents, packaged/bottled water and chemicals.

What are its functions?

Function includes to:

  1.  Regulate the manufacture, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, bottled water, Chemicals and detergents.
  2. Conduct appropriate tests and ensure compliance with standard specifications designated and approved by the Agency.
  3.  Undertake proper investigation into the production premises and raw materials for products and establish relevant quality assurance systems, including certification of the production sites and of the regulated products.
  4. Issue guidelines, grant approvals and monitor the advertisement of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, bottled water, Chemicals and detergents.
  5. Establish and maintain relevant laboratories or other institutions in strategic areas of Nigeria for administrative convenience as well as ease of access to Nigerians.
  6. Certify the quality and safety of Products after appropriate analysis has been carried out.
  7. Grant authorization for the import and export of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances as well as other controlled substances.
  8. Collaborate with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in a bid to eradicate drug abuse in Nigeria.
  9. Advice Governments, the private sector and other interested bodies regarding the quality, safety and regulatory provisions on regulated products.

What is a NAFDAC registration number?


What is the structure of NAFDAC?

The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer in charge of the day to day activities of the Agency. There are fourteen other offices in total with six offices in the Director-General’s Office supervised by Director Special Duties and Special Assistant which includes the One Stop Investment Unit, Public Relations and Protocol Unit, Reforms, Information and Communication Technology, Internal Audit and Procurement.

What services does NAFDAC provide?

The services NAFDAC provides are:

  1. registration and regulation of NAFDAC regulated products;
  2. authorization for the import and export of chemicals;
  3. issuance of Quality Certificate for the exportation of Regulated products;
  4. raw materials and storage facilities Inspection before registration.;
  5. authorization for the import and export of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances as well as other controlled substances; and
  6. investigation and Certification on the quality, safety, efficacy and wholesomeness of regulated products both imported and locally manufactured.

NAFDAC Guidelines

The following are the relevant laws relating to the administration of NAFDAC in Nigeria:

  1. NAFDAC Act Cap N.1. LFN 2004;
  2. Counterfeit and Fake Drugs Unwholesome Processed Foods (Miscellaneous Provision) Act Cap C.34. LFN, 2004;
  3. Foods and Drugs Act Cap F. 32 LFN; and
  4. Food, Drug and Related Products (Registration) Act, Cap F.33 LFN.


  • Website: here
  • Address: Abuja Office: NAFDAC Corporate Headquarters, Plot 2032, Olusegun, Obasanjo Way, Zone 7, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria. Lagos Operation Office: Plot 1, Industrial Estate. Lagos- Oshodi Apapa Express Way, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone Numbers: +234(0)-1-4609750, +234(0)909-763-0506, +234(0)909-763-0507
  • Email Address:

If you need any help accessing our services from NAFDAC, you may request via our portal or send us an email –

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