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Know Your Regulators – Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

FCCPC is an acronym for Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, it is an agency established under the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (FMITI). The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) is the foremost competition and consumer protection authority in Nigeria.

Nigeria Consumer Protection Agency

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is the organization established by the FCCPC Act to, among other functions, develop and promote fair, efficient and competitive markets in the Nigerian economy, facilitate access by all citizens to safe products, and secure the protection of rights for all consumers in Nigeria.

Functions of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC)

In addition to the general function of the FCCPC to protect consumers in Nigeria, below are other specific functions performed by the Commission:

  1. The Commission resolves customer’s grievances and dissatisfactions, “complaints” submitted online, in person, via social media platforms using various resolution tools such as direct engagement, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, administrative hearings and collaborations with other agencies.
  2. The Commission is committed to nationwide quality assessment of products and services, through inputs into national & international standards, sampling, analysis, investigation, process auditing, developing and issuance of Guidelines/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to ensure that products, services and processes are of good quality, safe and meet consumers’ expectation, while giving value for money.
  3. The Commission engages in routine and periodic consumer education to inform consumers of their rights, available enforcement mechanisms and how to use the processes.
  4. To provide information about key market developments such as Advisories, warnings, recalls and similar interventions. The Commission also conducts numerous specific and general awareness campaigns.
  5. The Commission engages in domestic and global research on products and services, as well as changing or evolving market trends and consumer behavior.
Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Consumer protection agencies in Nigeria

Consumer complaints in Nigeria are made to the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC). The FCCPC attends to all consumer complaints affecting products and services that do not meet required expectations. The FCCPC however does not handle criminal matters.

Prior to consumers complaining to the FCCPC, the proposed complainant must have initially engaged the provider of services or products. Where the complaint was not satisfactorily resolved, the complainant can then file a complaint with FCCPC. The complaint may either be in hard copy and delivered to any of the branch offices or by soft copy through the website portal or email. 

The complaint must to be submitted to the FCCPC must state the following:

  1. The party complained against, with the correct contact address;
  2. The amount involved;
  3. The expected redress; and
  4. Proof of transaction and any other document to support the claim.

A complaint must be made to the provider of products or services and then to FCCPC as soon as possible, after the right has been breached, especially within the warranty period. Upon submission of the complaints either physically or via electronic means, an acknowledgement will be issued immediately or within two days.

Depending on the nature of the complaints submitted, a complaint could be resolved immediately or take much more time. The provision of accurate information and documentation makes it easy and reduces the timelines. It takes between one (1) day and forty five days (45) days to get redress. 

In the event that the resolution offered by FCCPC does not satisfy the complainant, he may choose to proceed to court for redress.

Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission approval

The approval of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is also required by any company that intends to organize a sales promotion. Thus companies that intend to run promotions to reward customers like banks and telecoms apart from obtaining the required permits and authorizations to run such promotions have to obtain the approval of the FCCPC. Approval is subject to presentation of required documents including

  1. Incorporation documents;
  2. Proposed statement(visual and audio) for dissemination in media;
  3. Proof of quality standards, unit cost and total cost of each gift item to be used in promotion;
  4. Undertaking to conduct a free and transparent promotion exercise
  5. Address of redemption centers (if any)
  6. Proposed means of dissemination or advertisement of the sales promotion
  7. Applicable regulatory approvals
  8. Evidence of promotional gift items must be relevant for inspection;
  9. Relevant contact details.

Consumer Protection Council contact details

The FCCPC in Nigeria can be reached on +2348056002020 or +2348056003030


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