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Understanding our Launch Product – Delaware Incorporation Pricing

We are absolutely interested in your business, and we are all about helping you grow your business. We want to ensure that we have the right fit for your business and this article helps you understand our pricing packages for your Delaware Company. All packages cover incorporation, tax registration and support with your bank account opening with our banking partners Brex and Mercury.

1. Basic ($400)

This is our most affordable package. We offer 7 days turn around for this registration and it renews on an annual basis. This package is fit for businesses who are just looking to have a Delaware entity without more. They are not currently looking to raise money but if they are, they are only doing an angel round, family and friends and either using a SAFE or convertible note. With this type of entity, you get a 5,000-share capital.

  • You save on taxes.
  • Your annual subscription covers your Delaware obligations for the following year.
  • You will have to authorize more shares when you are raising a priced round.
  • It does not cover your Section 83b election if the founders are vesting their stock.

Eunice thoughts – If paying high taxes is not your thing, if you are not in a rush about issuing shares, I will recommend this. If you are only just getting started, no revenue or funding. Let’s do this.

2. Pro ($420)

This is our middle ground package for founders that want the best of both worlds. We offer 5 days turnaround time. With this package, you get 10,000,000 share capital. However, note that this package does not renew.


  • Affordable
  • You will be getting 10,000,000 share capital.


  • You pay a minimum of $400 in franchise tax the following year and annual report of $50
  • It does not cover your Section 83b election if the founders are vesting their stock.

Eunice thoughts – I personally would not opt for this. Although it gives you the best of both worlds, if you are looking to be venture funded, might as well have everything cleared from the start.

3. Premium ($700)

As the name implies, this is a package that gets you everything. No worries no bother.  24hours turn around for your Delaware company easy-peasy. Subscription renews annually.

  • All in package.
  • 10million share capital.
  • Section $83b election for a maximum of 2 founders
  • Delaware taxes are taken care off through annual subscription.
  • Just a tiny winy bit pricey

Eunice thoughts: Absolutely recommend. You can take a trip to mars knowing we got you for rea

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