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3 easy steps to obtain a SCUML Certificate in Nigeria

The Special Control Unit on Money Laundering (SCUML) is the government agency charged with the responsibility of monitoring, supervising, and regulating the activities of Designated Non-Financial Institutions (DNFIs) in line with the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 and the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) 2011.

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Is SCUML part of the EFCC?

The SCUML certificate is proof that an organization has complied with its legal obligations under Nigeria’s Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 and is now permitted to conduct business legally in Nigeria. It signifies compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and demonstrates a commitment to combating financial crimes.

The EFCC issues the SCUML certificate, which certifies the organization’s legitimacy and serves as evidence that the organization’s bank account isn’t being used for money laundering. Any organization who falls under the DNFIs but has not registered with SCUML will not be allowed to have a bank account with any financial institution. SCMUL certificate will help protect your business from potential money laundering activities.

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Businesses That Require SCMUL Certificates

The Designated Non-Financial Organisations require a certificate from the Special Control Unit on Money Laundering. They include the following:

    • Dealers in luxury goods.

    • Dealers in jewelry.
    • Importers and dealers in cars or any other automobile.
    • Hotels and other hospitality businesses.
    • Tax consultants.
    • Audit firms.
    • Casinos, pools betting and other Lottery businesses.
    • Audit firms.
    • Accountants and Accounting Firms.
    • Consultants and consulting companies.
    • Clearing and settlement companies.
    • Trust and company service providers.
    • Estate Surveyors and Valuers.
    • Dealers in Real Estate, Estates Developers, Estate Agents and Brokers.
    • And, Dealers in precious stones and metals.
    • Dealers in Mechanized farming equipment and machineries.
    • Construction companies.
    • Non-Governmental/Non-profit organisations.
    • Mortgage Brokers.
    • Practitioners of Mechanized farming and such other businesses and professions as the federal Ministry of Trade and Investment or appropriate regulatory authorities may from time to time designate.
    • Company/Organization Profile
    • Constitution ( For NGOs Only)
    • Agreement Signed between the NGO and the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning (‘MFBNP’)  formerly known as National Planning Commission ( For International NGOs Only)

How to Get an SCMUL Certificate

You may obtain a SCUML certificate for your registered company through the following steps;

1. Fill out the SCUML registration form online(

2. Submit the application alongside other required documents.

Upon successful application by the DNFI, the company is contacted to that effect to pick up the SCUML certificate which is evidence that the business or institution has been duly registered with SCUML.

How Much Does It Cost to Register with SCMUL?

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What is SCUML Used For?

The regulation of these DNFIs by SCUML is to help to curb money laundering by monitoring closely the funding and financial status of these institutions. SCUML evidence monitoring, supervision, and registration of the DNFIs, providing vital information relating to DNFIs money trails to assist criminal investigations, etc.

Who needs a SCUML Certificate?

The Designated Non-Financial Organizations require a certificate from the Special Control Unit on Money Laundering. These organizations handle a lot of cash and are typically under scrutiny by AML/CFT regimes because they are easy prey for money laundering and terrorism financing activities.  

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Businesses that require registration

    • Dealers in jewelry, cars, luxury goods, precious stones, and metals,
    • Real estate, Estate Developers, Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Estate Agents,
    • Chartered Accountants, Audit Firms, Tax Consultants,
    • Clearing and Settlement Companies,
    • Hotels, Casinos, Supermarkets,
    • Dealers in Mechanized Farming Equipment and Machineries,
    • Practitioners of Mechanized Farming,

All DNFIs are mandated to register under SCUML so that their activities can be monitored as this is to prevent fraudulent activities. These activities are regarded as transactions, provided it is a service rendered and paid for, i.e. currency (cash transactions).

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What documents are required?

Before an applicant can proceed with registration with SCUML, certain documents should be scanned for upload depending on the kind of company the applicant operates. The documents are:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation

2. Article and Memorandum of Association

3. Tax Clearance Certificate (Not Applicable to NGOs).

4. Audited Financial Report

5. Authorized Operational License (Not Applicable to NGOs).

6. Company/Organization Profile

7. Constitution (For NGOs Only)

8. Agreement Signed between the NGO and the National Planning Commission ( For International NGOs Only)

SCUML Registration

Registration for the Special Control Unit on Money Laundering Certificate is an online and offline process.

How to Register with SCUML Online

The steps to be taken to complete registration with SCUML are:

Step One

Log on to the SCUML website and click the register online tab.

Step Two

The page redirects to a registration page where the form is. The form is to be duly filled with correct and up-to-date information. 

Step Three

The required documents are then uploaded to the portal and the application is complete.

Obtaining the SCUML Certificate

Upon successful application by the DNFI, the company is contacted to that effect to pick up the SCUML certificate which is evidence that the business or institution has been duly registered with SCUML. The original copy of the Certificate of Incorporation is to be presented for scrutiny before the certificate can be obtained.

In compliance with the provisions of the various laws and regulations guiding money laundering and financing of terrorist activities, every DNFI is advised to have a Compliance Officer. A Compliance Officer is an officer at the management level who will coordinate AML/CFT activities within the DNFI and liaises with SCUML.

Example of Scuml Certificate

3 easy steps to obtain a SCUML Certificate in Nigeria

SCUML Registration Office

SCUML has a head office in Abuja and several regional offices. These regional offices are based in Lagos, Enugu, Kano, Port Harcourt, Kano, Gombe, Ibadan, Kaduna, Maiduguri, and Uyo.


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        1. HI, Abiodun, the cost for the SCUML certificate is N50,000 and It will be ready between 5 to 7 working days. You can call Zainab on 07041008032 for further assistance.

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  1. Good morning I want to asked what time is the registration and the collection of the SCUML Certificate, bcos I have asked someone to registered our Church with SCUML for going to a year now of which it was only the email that we have registered with SCUML that was sent to us and since the certificate is yet to come out and because of this our church account has been frozen. We are unable to withdraw. The church name is WATCHTOWER CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD INT’L. Thanks in anticipation to favorable response.

  2. I register online since 2016,my application was successful,wish I use to open my gtb company acct,but of recent ,I was ask to bring sculm certificate,due to this my acct was frozen,I was ask by my bank to go to efcc office for my certificate,but ‘m confuss since 2016,I don’t know if I can still get my certificate from efcc office or to start afresh?thanks

    1. Hi Mustapha, we can help your company to apply for a SCUML certificate. A member of the team will reach out

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      You can send us an email here- marketing@sidebrief for further enquiries.

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