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Making Sense of Employee Data: Opus Analytics’ Solution for Enterprises

Opus Analytics is a strategic people analytics platform that enables enterprises to unlock untapped skillsets, match the right people to the right jobs, reduce retention risks, and understand how industry trends impact employability, salaries, and promotions.

Making Sense of Employee Data: Opus Analytics’ Solution for Enterprises

How Opus Analytics is Making Sense of Enterprises’ Employee Data

Opus Analytics CEO and Co-Founder, Somaya El Sherbini saw the immense value that lies within employee data and the potential it holds to transform businesses in the last 3 years and tackles key topics, such as skills and capabilities, and talent insights, and provides tools that bridge gaps with human capital and engineering excellence.

Before co-founding Opus Analytics, Somaya managed HR lines of business for an area of 80 countries. Somaya saw an opportunity to leverage data analytics techniques to help enterprises understand their workforce better and improve their decision-making processes.

After these experiences, Somaya saw proof and evidence that businesses need to collect, analyze and connect their data across the company’s different sources, learning and development tools, CRM, sales data, and performance data.

Opus Analytics helps businesses identify areas for improvement in their employee management practices by analyzing various dimensions of employee data. By examining metrics such as employee satisfaction, engagement levels, performance evaluations, and feedback data, we can identify patterns and trends that highlight areas where improvement is needed”

Once these areas are identified, Opus Analytics provides actionable recommendations based on the insights derived from the data analysis. These recommendations are customized to the specific needs and challenges of each business to ensure that the insights are practical, realistic, and aligned with their overall business objectives.

Opus Analytics also facilitates the implementation of these recommendations by providing support, resources, and guidance on change management strategies, training programs, and communication plans to help businesses effectively address the identified areas for improvement.

Why did Somaya choose Sidebrief?

The reason is simple: Somaya came across Sidebrief through an investor. Upon discovering Sidebrief through an investor, Somaya used Sidebrief’s “Launch Product” and she was able to form her business from anywhere.

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