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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Banking Sector Recapitalization Programme 2024

1. What’s this “Banking Sector Recapitalization Programme” all about?

Imagine your bank as a superhero. To fight off financial villains, it needs a strong suit of armor – that’s what capital is for banks. This program requires banks to increase their capital reserves by a set deadline. Think of it as an upgrade for their financial armor!


2. Why is this happening?

 The CBN wants our banks to be prepared for anything, both at home and abroad. With more muscle (capital), banks can handle unexpected challenges and keep our financial system stable.

3. So, which banks are affected?

Pretty much all the banks you know – commercial, merchant, and even non-interest banks. The goal is for each bank to have enough capital to handle its size and the kind of business it does.

4. How much extra capital are we talking about?

The amount varies depending on the bank’s type and size. Think of a local bank needing less armor than a nationwide one. The CBN has a handy chart on its website with all the details.

5. Do I need to do anything?

Nope! Your everyday banking shouldn’t be affected. You can keep using your accounts and cards as usual. This program is more behind the scenes, making our banks stronger.

6. Won’t this slow down the economy?

Actually, the opposite! Stronger banks can lend more money to businesses, which fuels economic growth and creates jobs. It’s like giving the economy a little boost!

7. How long do banks have to meet these new requirements?

They have a two-year window, from April 2024 to March 2026, to get their financial armor upgraded.

8. But what about my money? Is it safe?

Absolutely! The CBN is working with the deposit insurance agency to ensure your money is protected throughout this process.

9. Anything else I should keep an eye on?

Sure! Banks have a few ways to raise the extra capital – selling new shares, merging with other banks, or even changing their license categories. It’ll be interesting to see how they approach this!

10.Where can I find out more?

The CBN is all about transparency. You can find all the details on their website ( and social media channels. They’ll keep you updated on the program’s progress.

So, there you have it! This program might seem complex, but its goal is simple: to make Nigerian banks stronger and more reliable. This benefits everyone – from everyday citizens like you to businesses and the entire economy. Stay informed, and let’s watch our banking system get a well-deserved upgrade!


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