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The Federal Government of Nigeria in a bid to protect employees from poverty after their employment service with a public or private company made it mandatory upon all employers to have their NSITF Registration done. This is to establish and maintain a solvent compensation fund managed in the interest of employees and employers in Nigeria.

NSITF Registration

NSITF manages all social security insurance schemes in Nigeria other than pension. NSITF Registration coverage applies to  every person who is employed by a company incorporated (or deemed to be incorporated) under the Companies and Allied Matters Act; is employed by a partnership irrespective of the number of persons employed by the company or partnership; or in any other case, where the number of persons employed is not less than five.

Upon NSITF Registration and required payments, an NSITF Compliance Certificate is Issued. The NSITF Board is the body with the power to Implement the Employees' Compensation Act (ECA) which replaces the Workmen Compensation Act. The ECA relates to Occupational health and safety in the workplace and provides compensation to employees for Injury, Mental Stress, Occupational Disease, Hearing Impairment, Disability, Death etc. It also provides compensation for Injuries occurring outside the normal Workplace.


The following are documents required for NSITF Registration

  • Certificate of Incorporation with CAC
  • Completion of Registration form ECS RE 01- stating Company Name, Address, and Telephone No etc.
  • Payroll Schedule Form RE 03 stating employee’s details- Staff Name, ID Number, Gender, Remuneration
  • Tax Clearance Certificate


The Employer’s rate of contribution is 1% of total payroll consisting of total emolument. Payment of any assessment due to NSITF shall be due on the 1st January in the year for which it relates.


To register with NSITF, the following steps should be followed:

Step One

The first step is to create a registration account on the website of NSITF. On the homepage click on Employer’s Registration and Fill in the following;

  • Particulars for the business.
  • Total Staff Emolument.
  • Business Sector Category.
  • Details of Employer and Company’s Contact Person.
  • Upload of Signature and Company Logo. (Ensure the pictures are in the right file format and size).
  • Click Complete to Submit the Registration. A Confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. This email will include the Transaction code, ECS code, Login password and the information filled in the registration process.

Step Two

Upon receipt of the mail, an applicant will go back to the homepage and click on the log in tab. Type in the ECS Code as the Username and the Log in Password as Password (as received from the confirmation email) and Log in.

Step Three

On the Employee Registration Page, the already prepared Employees’ document (typed in Microsoft Excel and saved in CSV), completed registration form ECS.RE01 and payroll schedule Form ECS.RE03 will be uploaded. After completing the process, click upload and Log Out.

Step Four

An email from will be sent within 24 hours. The message will show the invoice number, and the 1% calculation of the Total staff emolument for one year. Note that: your total payment is dependent upon your year of Company registration beginning from 30th June 2011(Startup Period for ECS Scheme) till date. (i.e. 1% calculation multiplied by the number of years since 2011). Proceed to any of the official NSITF banks to make deposit to complete the Registration.

Step Five

After payment, proceed to any NSITF branch offices close to you with the duplicate of your deposit slip, your print out from registration and other supporting documents like Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Receipt and Tax Clearance certificate (as the case maybe) for validation and processing of NSITF Receipt.


The entire process takes 7 days before the NSITF Compliance certificate which is prove of registration can be issued. Although NSITF Payments can be made monthly, a compliance certificate will not be issued a for a particular year if the required payment for the whole year is not made. Also NOTE that payments date back to when the ECA was made law and when the particular company was registered.


Certificate of Compliance Issued by the NSITF can be verified on the website. Thus it is important to do the proper NSITF Registration and not attempt to forge the compliance certificate. Companies dealing in the Oil and Gas Industry require this.


A certificate is issued yearly to employers that have complied with the payment of the 1% contributions. The following documents have to be provided to process a certificate at the NSITF office:

  • Official letter of request by the Employer on the company letter Head
  • Copy of Registration Documents e.g. Certificate of Incorporation with CAC
  • Copy of Registration form ECS RE 01- stating Company Name, Address, and Telephone No Etc.
  • Copy of Payroll Schedule Form RE 03 stating employee’s details- Staff Name, ID Number, Gender, and Remuneration.
  • Submission of the 10 Digit Registration Number (Notification of Registration)
  • Copy of official NSITF receipt showing evidence of payments.
  • The renewal process takes 7 days before the certificate of compliance can be issued.

NSITF Registration


NSITF has offices in 4 Locations in Lagos. Agege, Ikeja, Lagos Island and Lekki. There are also offices spread out across the country. Check them out here.

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