4 Easy Steps to getting your Registration with DPR Done and Dusted

Registration with DPR is mandatory for businesses providing services in Nigeria's Oil and Gas industry. Dealing in the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria is a big deal being one of the most resourceful industry as far as the Nigerian economy is concerned. If you want to get some of that Oil money or would like to provide services to companies in the Oil and Gas industry a DPR Permit is a must and this can only be obtained by registration with DPR.

Registration with DPR


The DPR is the Petroleum Regulatory Agency in Nigeria charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance to petroleum laws, regulations and guidelines in the Oil and Gas Industry by monitoring operations at drilling sites, producing wells, production platforms and flow stations, crude oil export terminals, refineries, storage depots, pump stations, retail outlets, any other locations where petroleum is either stored or sold, and all pipelines carrying crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.


The functions of the DPR include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Processing and issuing of licenses and leases.
  2. Maintaining records on all petroleum industry operations.
  3. Monitoring of all oil and gas operations in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.
  4. Supervising all Petroleum Industry operations being carried out under licenses and leases in the country.
  5. Ensure timely and accurate payments of Rents, Royalties and other revenues due to the government.
  6. Ensuring that all health, safety and environmental regulations conform to international best oil and gas operations practices.
  7. Advising Government and relevant Government agencies on technical matters and public policies that may have impact on the administration and petroleum activities.


DPR Certificate also called DPR Permit or License is a certificate that allows companies to render or be engaged to render technical services to the Oil Industry. This permit is the license or certification required to operate a company or facility that engages in any operations in the oil and gas industry.


For the purpose of  a company's registration with DPR to obtain an Oil and Gas Industry Service Companies Permit (OGISCP), there are three categories of permit under which applicants are to apply depending on specialization and competence. Below are the three categories of permit obtainable at the DPR and the required documents for processing:

1. GENERAL PURPOSE: This category covers Minor Supplies, Works (Artisans) and Maintenance services (Artisans) and do not require specialized or certified competences. Applicants are expected to choose not more than one service from the three (3) classifications and not more than two services could be chosen under the Works classification.

  • Minor suppliesMinor Civil Maintenance Materials, Minor Mechanical Maintenance Materials Minor Electrical Maintenance Materials, Plumbing Materials, Minor Computer Accessories/Consumables, Welding Materials, Minor Catering Services (Provision of Snacks and Beverages for Meetings, etc.)

  • Works - Minor Welding, Minor Plumbing, Minor Painting and Photographic. It should be noted that only one (1) category can be chosen under the works classification.

  • Maintenance – Minor Civil, Minor Mechanical and Minor Electrical.

2. MAJOR CATEGORY: Under the Major Category applicants are required to possess relevant and verifiable technical/special skills. Some of the Job groups under this category include rehabilitation, upgrade, fabrication works, equipment supply services, consultancy, aviation support, haulage, protocol and logistics.

3. SPECIALIZED CATEGORY: Under this category, applicants are required to possess relevant and verifiable technical/special skills. Some job groups under this category are Offshore and onshore pipeline laying and construction, facility maintenance, major construction, drilling production and dredging.

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After finding out what category your business falls into, check out the documentary requirements below ;


The following documents are required at the point of application for General Category;

  1. Certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration (for an enterprise)
  2. Form CAC 1.1
  3. Company’s current tax clearance certificate and vat certificate.
  4. Employee’s compensation scheme (Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund- NSITF)


The following documents are required during registration for the Major and Specialized Category;

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certified True Copy of Memorandum & Articles Of Association
  3. Certified True Copy of Form CAC 1.1
  4. Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Company’s Profile
  6. Comprehensive Staff List & Curriculum Vitae of Key Staff (Should include Position & Qualification of Staff)
  7. List of Equipment/Facility available to the Company
  8. List of approved Expatriate Quota position and their Nigerian understudies
  9. Proposed Training Programme for Nigerian staff for the current year
  10. Registration by Relevant Professional Body
  11. Technical Agreement or MOU with Nigerian company/DPR Accredited Laboratory (where applicable)
  12. Employee’s Compensation Scheme (Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund NSITF)
  13. Health, Safety, Environment And Community (HSEC)
  14. Current Medical Retainership Agreement with a Hospital Or Clinic located In Company’s Operational Location
  15. Letter of Accreditation (Laboratory Services)

Government Agencies and MDAs are excluded from these requirements.


GENERAL5, 000. 00500. 00
MAJOR25, 000. 002,500. 00
SSPECIALIZED250, 000. 007, 500. 00

 Registration with DPR


Once you know your business category, have the applicable documentation, all you have to do is Follow the steps below to apply for your permit


ONLINE APPLICATION: DPR application is done online on the DPR website, applicants are to provide correct and functional addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail at the time of submission to create a company account and fill in necessary details.

STEP 2 -

DOCUMENT UPLOAD: All required documents depending on the appropriate category should be uploaded in PDF or JPEG format to the DPR portal. Under major and specialized categories where services of professionals or licensed/certified practitioners are required, applicants are to attach certificates of membership of such Professional body and other relevant documents as may be applicable.

STEP 3 -

SUBMISSION AND PAYMENT: Upon successful upload of all required documents, applicant may go ahead to pay the applicable fees via electronic online platforms or at any available bank.

STEP 4 -

PROCESSING FOR APPLICATION: Application will be processed within 72 hours after which successful applicants can print their permit(s) online.


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The DPR will conduct inspection of the facilities for all new applicants under the major and specialized categories prior to a consideration for the issuance of permits hence, companies must have physical presence in Nigeria. All applications under these categories will be subjected to further evaluation by relevant Divisions or Units in the DPR to assess their professional competencies and capabilities. Inspections are without notice and without prejudice to existing permits or approval.


An Applicant may apply for the renewal of his permit via the same portal with required documents and payment of statutory feesDPR permit is valid for a year hence renewal is to be done annually.


DPR can revoke the permits of companies on the directives of the Federal Government where they are guilty of noncompliance with statutory regulatory obligations. On June 6, 2019, the Federal government revoked the licenses of some Oil mining companies for noncompliance with statutory obligations.


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